Too Clever

23 Feb

February 3, 2012
Too  Clever

It’s written somewhere that it takes a man of exquisite intelligence who can find a way to kick himself in the ass, out the  door and onto the street. We see this act of auto-expulsion (calcitratus  sui?) taking place throughout the declining  West.
With stagnant economies creating massive and permanent unemployment, with debt reaching the stratosphere, the situation has  gone beyond ridiculous.
To paraphrase the Bard, “The first thing we do,  let’s kill all the bankers!” They who create credit (“credere” blind faith, surely) and  money out of thin air. They who lend money with the objective of entrapping the unwary and taking their possessions. They who fool governments into bailing them  out, while forcing their populations to absorb punishing austerity. Surely, the  bankers are the ones who must be put to the guillotine.
It is said that Greece’s creditors must take a  70% haircut. Do you really believe that they will suffer? After all, they lent  the Greeks money that was created out of thin air, out of nothing. The bankers lent the Greeks money that they, the bankers, never had in the first place. They never physically had the money. The bankers lent money made out of bits and bytes. The Greeks pay principal and interest with real money created out of their blood and sweat.

For the bankers, it is deus ex machina, indeed, for the bankers see themselves as the gods of Mount Olympus and  the mortals must face the consequences. The bankers, and the less-than-one-percent they  represent are wedded to their delusions of grandeur. The whole world must wallow in misery in the neo-feudalism/neo-collectivization while the bankers (Wall  Street, the City of London, the Rothschilds (red shield), the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, technocrats, the WTO, the IMF, the Bilderbergers, etc.) bask in  luxury and self-congratulation.
Fellatio by any other name is still fellatio – to  paraphrase the Bard once again. Now we see that the multinational corporations –  having bought the governments, the courts, the militaries and police forces –  are behaving like Stalinists by enforcing their monopolistic policies. Organic  or small farmers, or any one growing their own vegetables, are the new kulaks to  be harassed and imprisoned. Genetically modified monster foods are to be seen as  normal foods, no matter what the consequences for consumers.
Millions of good, high-paying have been offshored  as part of the free trade agenda. “Free trade” and “globalization” are words and  phrases that sound innocuous and are used to make the population think that such  policies are good for them. Just the “Right to Work” policies of the southern  states of the USA make it sound like it is for the benefit of the workers.  “Right to Work” policies are aimed at union busting and ensuring workers are  forced to accept (and gladly accept, at times) low wages and poor working conditions.

Now, large corporations and their governmental  cronies have taken another step: in-shoring the off-shore jobs. Workers from  India and China, for example, come to the United States as guest workers. They  are paid the low wages of their home countries and are treated very poorly. No  need for green cards as they are just guest workers (H-2B classification) who  get paid a fraction of what US workers get  paid.
Ah, the wonders of globalization.


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