23 Feb

The obscenity take took place in Liege, Belgium was apparently carried by a lone nut (Where have seen that scenario before?) with a an Arabic-sounding name. And, like most lone nuts who commit major crimes, this character had a troubled past.

First reports indicated that, like the Norwegian massacre carried supposedly carried out by Anders Brevik, there were several individuals involved in the crime. But, like the Norwegian incident (and JFK, and MLK, and RFK and Ronald Reagan, etc.), the crime has been reduced to one perpetrator, a social outcast. It’s the same scenario over and over again.

Seriously, where did this joker, like Anders Brevik, get the hand grenades?

Say what you will, but this smacks of the Brabant massacres of 1982-85. There gunmen killed scores of people for no apparent reason. But there was a reason. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s in Europe, right-wing members of para-military and military groups were used to terrorize Europeans into following the agenda of the Anglo-American elite. Many of these were members of the various European Gladio forces, willing stooges of the Anglo-American elite.

Forget the Baader-Meinhof gang and the Brigate Rosse (briganti rossi, surely). These were mere puppets, straw men to scare the Europeans against looking after their own best interests and do the bidding of the plutocrats.

The objective of the Anglo-American elite now is four-fold: One, distract attention away from the destruction of the European economy through the immiseration of the population; two, put the blame for the economic troubles and social disintegration on visible minorities on the margins of society; three, divide and conquer the Europeans by promoting tribalism, especially blaming the Germans for everything, so that Europeans are at each others’ throats; and four, putting in place pro-banking stooges at the heads of governments (as in Greece and Italy) so that European countries follow the orders of the Anglo-American banking elites.

Frankly, I don’t see why the UK should be allowed to disrupt the Eurozone. The Brits have never considered themselves Europeans and will never give up their precious pound sterling.

Europe needs a Charles DeGaulle and a Konrad Adenauer to kick the bloody limies (and Yanks) out of Europe once and for all. The Europeans have still not learned to be Europeans first. A real Europe must be led by Germany, because that’s the one country that knows how to run an economy. Instead of sulking, everybody should follow their example and build up their own economies in the same way.

And Europe does include Russia, the Baltic states – and China can be a partner too. European integration is the key to economic and military survival. This means dismantling NATO. Do you think the Americans will think twice about nuking Europe? That’s a question Nikita Khruschev once asked Charles DeGaulle, and DeGaulle kicked NATO headquarters out of France.

In short, Europe should kick out the Brits and Americans, and start thinking of themselves as Europeans – not allow outside interference in their internal affairs.

And this brings me to the right-wing nationalist parties of Europe. Many or most of these so-called “nationalist” parties look to apartheid and nuclear-armed-to-the-teeth Israel as a paragon of virtue and and an example to follow. Israel, like the USA, wouldn’t think twice about nuking Europe. So, Israel is no friend of the Europe and its peoples – which it considers as dumb cattle and donkeys.

France’s Front National is prime example of right-wing stupidity. Here we have a top member of the Front National, Louis Aliot, going to Israel supposedly to get the support of ex-patriate voters.

I’ll bet there’s more involved. Like getting financial support or back-channel support. Maybe arrange for an “incident” to garner voter support for the Front National?

In the upcoming elections in France, we will likely see the pro-Israel Front National going up against President Nicolas Sarkozy, a sayan, an Israeli intelligence “helper”.

Trying times indeed for Europe.


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