Blind Faith

23 Feb

When I was nine or ten years old, my mother bought me a bible. My parents were brought up Catholic but were not church-goers. Being of a working-class background they always saw the Catholic church as a pillar of the Establishment, always ready to crush the workers and peasants in order to please the ruling classes. The Catholic Church always sides with power.

More as a Pavlovian response to not feel shame or be ostracized in a predominantly Catholic community, they sent me to a catechism school. This ended in failure.

I didn’t want to waste valuable weekend time listening to a bunch of nuns. They scared me with their black vestments and pinched, angry faces. I hated them so much that I nearly vomited on a couple of these hags. They must have thought I was possessed by the devil, a demon spawn. Or maybe it was the other guy who possessed me at that moment.
Anyway, my mother bought me this bible, a Roman Catholic bible, perhaps thinking that by reading it I would somehow become a good Catholic. She was wrong. You cannot read the bible (especially the New Testament) and somehow become a good Catholic, because you quickly realize that the Catholic Church (and I suppose all the other denominations) has turned scripture on its head.

You can become a good Christian, but never a good Catholic; for Catholicism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other. This is why the Catholic Church has historically discouraged its adherents from reading the bible. The Church was afraid that their flock will learn how they turned scripture on its head, and anyone reading the bible will quickly see how Church practice contradicts the bible, especially the Good News as expounded by Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church, like any other bureaucracy, seeks to increase its power and to monopolize/control its adherents. As such it behaves like any other religion or cult.

The Catholic Church will not tolerate anyone questioning its authority. It wants Catholics to follow its directives unquestioningly. That’s why the Catholic Church has prevaricated in dealing with the pedophile scandals, even going so far as blaming the victims.    That’s why the Catholic Church is so secretive about its shady financial dealings. Remember Roberto Calvi? That’s why the Catholic Church is panicking over the developing scandal of mass murders of aboriginal children in Canada.

To direct attention away from these horrors, the Catholic Church promotes the fabricated sanctity of media super stars and relgious fakes like Padre Pio, Mother Teresa and John Paul II. What happens in the Catholic Church also happens in other religions whether it is Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and all the other organized superstitions.

The fake exterior of holiness and mystery is used to distract from and conceal the stench of corruption from within.


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