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23 Feb

The obscenity take took place in Liege, Belgium was apparently carried by a lone nut (Where have seen that scenario before?) with a an Arabic-sounding name. And, like most lone nuts who commit major crimes, this character had a troubled past.

First reports indicated that, like the Norwegian massacre carried supposedly carried out by Anders Brevik, there were several individuals involved in the crime. But, like the Norwegian incident (and JFK, and MLK, and RFK and Ronald Reagan, etc.), the crime has been reduced to one perpetrator, a social outcast. It’s the same scenario over and over again.

Seriously, where did this joker, like Anders Brevik, get the hand grenades?

Say what you will, but this smacks of the Brabant massacres of 1982-85. There gunmen killed scores of people for no apparent reason. But there was a reason. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s in Europe, right-wing members of para-military and military groups were used to terrorize Europeans into following the agenda of the Anglo-American elite. Many of these were members of the various European Gladio forces, willing stooges of the Anglo-American elite.

Forget the Baader-Meinhof gang and the Brigate Rosse (briganti rossi, surely). These were mere puppets, straw men to scare the Europeans against looking after their own best interests and do the bidding of the plutocrats.

The objective of the Anglo-American elite now is four-fold: One, distract attention away from the destruction of the European economy through the immiseration of the population; two, put the blame for the economic troubles and social disintegration on visible minorities on the margins of society; three, divide and conquer the Europeans by promoting tribalism, especially blaming the Germans for everything, so that Europeans are at each others’ throats; and four, putting in place pro-banking stooges at the heads of governments (as in Greece and Italy) so that European countries follow the orders of the Anglo-American banking elites.

Frankly, I don’t see why the UK should be allowed to disrupt the Eurozone. The Brits have never considered themselves Europeans and will never give up their precious pound sterling.

Europe needs a Charles DeGaulle and a Konrad Adenauer to kick the bloody limies (and Yanks) out of Europe once and for all. The Europeans have still not learned to be Europeans first. A real Europe must be led by Germany, because that’s the one country that knows how to run an economy. Instead of sulking, everybody should follow their example and build up their own economies in the same way.

And Europe does include Russia, the Baltic states – and China can be a partner too. European integration is the key to economic and military survival. This means dismantling NATO. Do you think the Americans will think twice about nuking Europe? That’s a question Nikita Khruschev once asked Charles DeGaulle, and DeGaulle kicked NATO headquarters out of France.

In short, Europe should kick out the Brits and Americans, and start thinking of themselves as Europeans – not allow outside interference in their internal affairs.

And this brings me to the right-wing nationalist parties of Europe. Many or most of these so-called “nationalist” parties look to apartheid and nuclear-armed-to-the-teeth Israel as a paragon of virtue and and an example to follow. Israel, like the USA, wouldn’t think twice about nuking Europe. So, Israel is no friend of the Europe and its peoples – which it considers as dumb cattle and donkeys.

France’s Front National is prime example of right-wing stupidity. Here we have a top member of the Front National, Louis Aliot, going to Israel supposedly to get the support of ex-patriate voters.

I’ll bet there’s more involved. Like getting financial support or back-channel support. Maybe arrange for an “incident” to garner voter support for the Front National?

In the upcoming elections in France, we will likely see the pro-Israel Front National going up against President Nicolas Sarkozy, a sayan, an Israeli intelligence “helper”.

Trying times indeed for Europe.


Bursting the Bubble

23 Feb

February 15, 2012

Bursting the  Bubble
In 1900, the world’s population was about 1.6  billion. Then came that fantastic resource called  petroleum. This substance was the basic ingredient in a number of products such  as gasoline and plastics.
Chemists soon discovered that petroleum could be  used to produce fertilizers (to enhance plant growth), pesticides (to kill the  animals that eat the crops) and herbicides (to kill undesirable plants that compete  with the crops for nutrients).
Fuel from petroleum ran the machines that planted  the seeds and harvested the crops, and took the crops to market. This same fuel  was used in the processing, packaging and preservation of these  crops.
The supply of food grew abundantly. This led to a  population explosion. Now in 2012, a mere 112 years later, we have 7 billion  people on this planet. That is a 338% increase in population in just over a  century.
This increase in population is based upon a weak  foundation of drugged-up soils and drugged-up plants. Soils have been drained of  their nutrients and are sustained by steroids called  fertilizers.
Take a look at some of the severe side effects of  steroids on the human body and you can get an idea of what is happening to some  of the world’s arable land.
I have to side with the United Nations Millennium  Project on this issue, because it is obvious that the world’s population can’t  keep on growing indefinitely.
I know that there are some who think that there’s  some sort of conspiracy afoot aiming to radically reduce the world’s population.  They point to the Georgia Guide Stones and an assortment of other half-baked  theories. They also blithely state that the entire population of 7 billion can  fit into the state of Texas. This is an infantile argument. Putting the world’s  population into Texas is fine only if you like the idea of living in a feedlot,  knee-deep in excrement.
These jokers also say that the problem is not  over-population but rather under-population. Oh sure, as if countries in Africa  and Asia face famine because there are not enough mouths to feed. Now that’s voodoo economics!
And there’s so much empty space on this planet  that needs to be filled. There’s a reason that places like the Sahara and Gobi  deserts, Siberia, Greenland, northern Canada and Antarctica are sparsely  populated or completely unpopulated, and I will not go through the  reasons.
On average, just over 10% of the world’s land is  arable, that is, suitable for growing crops. In India, an amazing 55% of the  land is arable, and people still go hungry. But what about all that basmati rice  from India?  you ask. Doesn’t  matter, people are still going hungry in India. Czarist Russia became known as  the breadbasket of Europe (basket case, surely) when the Czar ordered wheat to  be exported for foreign exchange, but this came at the cost of millions of serfs  going hungry.
Another 40% of the world’s land is considered  agricultural in that livestock are raised there. The production of meat requires  a lot of nutrients: one kilo of meat requires up to 10 kilos of grain, making  livestock an inefficient source of nutrients, unless you pump the animals with  steroids and anti-biotics.
Finally, there are those who say that you need  population growth in order to sustain economic growth and prosperity, the old  trickle-down effect. I such that they change their old economic paradigm based on the perpetual growth ponzi scheme, and replace it with one based on increased happiness and individual liberty derived from a more rational use of  resources.
Those who rail against population control are  often religious fanatics who blindly drink the kool-aid of their superstition.  Others see depopulation conspiracies. (Conspiracies do exist, but you need a  cold, dispassionate eye to seek out, identify and stop them. First, you need to  free your mind of all superstition, so that you may clearly see the threats to  individual liberty of body, mind and- if you it exists –  soul.)
In the end, it doesn’t matter what you and I say  or think. The way things are going Mother Nature and human folly will combine to  bring about a spectacular and uncontrollable reduction in world  population.
Have a nice day.

Too Clever

23 Feb

February 3, 2012
Too  Clever

It’s written somewhere that it takes a man of exquisite intelligence who can find a way to kick himself in the ass, out the  door and onto the street. We see this act of auto-expulsion (calcitratus  sui?) taking place throughout the declining  West.
With stagnant economies creating massive and permanent unemployment, with debt reaching the stratosphere, the situation has  gone beyond ridiculous.
To paraphrase the Bard, “The first thing we do,  let’s kill all the bankers!” They who create credit (“credere” blind faith, surely) and  money out of thin air. They who lend money with the objective of entrapping the unwary and taking their possessions. They who fool governments into bailing them  out, while forcing their populations to absorb punishing austerity. Surely, the  bankers are the ones who must be put to the guillotine.
It is said that Greece’s creditors must take a  70% haircut. Do you really believe that they will suffer? After all, they lent  the Greeks money that was created out of thin air, out of nothing. The bankers lent the Greeks money that they, the bankers, never had in the first place. They never physically had the money. The bankers lent money made out of bits and bytes. The Greeks pay principal and interest with real money created out of their blood and sweat.

For the bankers, it is deus ex machina, indeed, for the bankers see themselves as the gods of Mount Olympus and  the mortals must face the consequences. The bankers, and the less-than-one-percent they  represent are wedded to their delusions of grandeur. The whole world must wallow in misery in the neo-feudalism/neo-collectivization while the bankers (Wall  Street, the City of London, the Rothschilds (red shield), the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, technocrats, the WTO, the IMF, the Bilderbergers, etc.) bask in  luxury and self-congratulation.
Fellatio by any other name is still fellatio – to  paraphrase the Bard once again. Now we see that the multinational corporations –  having bought the governments, the courts, the militaries and police forces –  are behaving like Stalinists by enforcing their monopolistic policies. Organic  or small farmers, or any one growing their own vegetables, are the new kulaks to  be harassed and imprisoned. Genetically modified monster foods are to be seen as  normal foods, no matter what the consequences for consumers.
Millions of good, high-paying have been offshored  as part of the free trade agenda. “Free trade” and “globalization” are words and  phrases that sound innocuous and are used to make the population think that such  policies are good for them. Just the “Right to Work” policies of the southern  states of the USA make it sound like it is for the benefit of the workers.  “Right to Work” policies are aimed at union busting and ensuring workers are  forced to accept (and gladly accept, at times) low wages and poor working conditions.

Now, large corporations and their governmental  cronies have taken another step: in-shoring the off-shore jobs. Workers from  India and China, for example, come to the United States as guest workers. They  are paid the low wages of their home countries and are treated very poorly. No  need for green cards as they are just guest workers (H-2B classification) who  get paid a fraction of what US workers get  paid.
Ah, the wonders of globalization.

Blind Faith

23 Feb

When I was nine or ten years old, my mother bought me a bible. My parents were brought up Catholic but were not church-goers. Being of a working-class background they always saw the Catholic church as a pillar of the Establishment, always ready to crush the workers and peasants in order to please the ruling classes. The Catholic Church always sides with power.

More as a Pavlovian response to not feel shame or be ostracized in a predominantly Catholic community, they sent me to a catechism school. This ended in failure.

I didn’t want to waste valuable weekend time listening to a bunch of nuns. They scared me with their black vestments and pinched, angry faces. I hated them so much that I nearly vomited on a couple of these hags. They must have thought I was possessed by the devil, a demon spawn. Or maybe it was the other guy who possessed me at that moment.
Anyway, my mother bought me this bible, a Roman Catholic bible, perhaps thinking that by reading it I would somehow become a good Catholic. She was wrong. You cannot read the bible (especially the New Testament) and somehow become a good Catholic, because you quickly realize that the Catholic Church (and I suppose all the other denominations) has turned scripture on its head.

You can become a good Christian, but never a good Catholic; for Catholicism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other. This is why the Catholic Church has historically discouraged its adherents from reading the bible. The Church was afraid that their flock will learn how they turned scripture on its head, and anyone reading the bible will quickly see how Church practice contradicts the bible, especially the Good News as expounded by Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church, like any other bureaucracy, seeks to increase its power and to monopolize/control its adherents. As such it behaves like any other religion or cult.

The Catholic Church will not tolerate anyone questioning its authority. It wants Catholics to follow its directives unquestioningly. That’s why the Catholic Church has prevaricated in dealing with the pedophile scandals, even going so far as blaming the victims.    That’s why the Catholic Church is so secretive about its shady financial dealings. Remember Roberto Calvi? That’s why the Catholic Church is panicking over the developing scandal of mass murders of aboriginal children in Canada.

To direct attention away from these horrors, the Catholic Church promotes the fabricated sanctity of media super stars and relgious fakes like Padre Pio, Mother Teresa and John Paul II. What happens in the Catholic Church also happens in other religions whether it is Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and all the other organized superstitions.

The fake exterior of holiness and mystery is used to distract from and conceal the stench of corruption from within.

The Pimping of Canada

23 Feb

The Pimping of Canada – December 5, 2011

Sometimes, one can learn a lot about a country by looking at its symbols. The beaver is synonymous with Canada. Most Canadians delude themselves into thinking that the beaver was chosen as a symbol of Canada because it is an industrious animal, and Canadians see themselves as industrious people.

The fools! From the 15th to 19th centuries, the beaver was hunted almost to extinction in order to meet the European demand for beaver felt hats. Beavers were trapped and skinned, and their skins were sent to Europe to made into hats. In other words, not only was a valuable species almost exterminated to meet the demands of foreigners, but the manufacturing and value-added work was done outside of Canada, using raw material from Canada. That’s the Canadian way!

For a time, under Prime Minister John A. Macdonald and the old-time Conservative Party, Canada used high tariffs to develop its fledgling manufacturing base. Canada’s  commodity-based sectors (like agriculture, mining, and fishing) were opposed to the high tariffs and wanted free trade. Yet the policy was successful in developing a manufacturing base that created millions of high-paying jobs. (The conflict between the North and South in the U.S. civil war was more about the high-tariffs demanded by the North to protect its manufacturing-based economy and the demand by the South for free trade for its commodity-based economy).

Anyway, after decades of political battle the free-traders got their way. First it was the Free Trade Agreement with the United States, then the North American Free Trade Agreement with U.S. and Mexico, and soon it will the North American Union.    Today, Canada is more than happy to destroy its land and water to sell tar sands oil to the United States. With that raw material the U.S. will create tens of thousands of jobs in the petro-chemical and plastics industries – jobs that Canada is just too dumb to want.

There’s another way that Canada has been pimped. One of the best things former Prime Minister Jean Chretien did was to keep Canada out of the war in Iraq. One of the worst things he did was get Canada into the war in Afghanistan. Canada has been in that war from the beginning, caught up in the emotional vortex immediately following the incident of September 11, 2001 (an inside job, but that’s a discussion for another time). At first, we sent in our elite commando force, the JTF2, and then we sent in our regular troops.

Afghanistan was the “good war”. Our troops were there to bring freedom from the oppressive Taliban. Our troops were the good guys, even building schools and hospitals. And most of all for Canadians proud of their Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we were there to promote civil rights, especially women’s rights.

Which brings us to the recent judicial farce in Afghanistan. A nineteen-year-old woman was raped and promptly sentenced to 12 years in prison on the charge of having sex out of wedlock. The stylish and enlightened Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, had the woman released from prison after she agreed to marry her rapist. Ah, good old family values, eh?! For this almost 160 Canadian soldiers have given up their lives?!

By the way, don’t blame Islam for this farce. This is pure tribal logic. It is tribal law with a religious wrapping. Even Talmudic and Roman Catholic church laws have similar nasty surprises, especially for the female gender. (A topic for another time and place)

Yes, Canada is getting dumber and more militaristic, even taking part in the civil war in Libya, bombing schools, hospitals, water treatment plants and other civilian infrastructure.

Yes, Canadians are truly the running dogs of American imperialism.

On U.S. Politics

23 Feb

January, 2012

ON U.S. Politics

Judging from the quality of  the Republican candidates, it seems that the decision has been made to give  President Barak Obama a bye in the 2012 presidential election. Certainly the  economic and political elites have nothing to complain about the president’s  performance. He’s given them everything they wanted, from more military interventions for the American imperium, quantitative easing, the forced purchase of health care from private firms (Obamacare), the militarization of the police, the handing of police powers to the military, and the immiseration and cowing of the American population through the introduction of  neo-feudalism.

What’s there not to like?

Now, there are some who think that Ron Paul is the answer,  the one who can  successfully challenge President Obama. I think that this is  wishful thinking. First all, Dr. Paul is rather old (76 years of age) and his  solution to everything is to cut government, including social services. The way  I see it, that will only make things worse.
The  problem is that many, if not most, Americans think that anything involving government is bad. The feeling is visceral. Yet government is not inherently bad or good. It all depends whose interests are being served by government. If the government is controlled by those serving the interests of the so-called 1%, then you can rest assured that the 99% are going to get shafted. And you can bet your life that most politicians are serving the interests of the financial elites and major corporations, because it is these interests that bankroll their election campaigns and influence them through lobby groups, think tanks and public relations firms.
Obviously, changes need to be made  on campaign financing, that would limit the amount any one corporation could  spend on a candidate and/or political  party.
The U.S. government serves the interest  of major corporations. This is not socialism. This is corporatism, which is part  of fascist ideology.
When Senator Max Baucus  held hearings in 2009 on what was to become Obamacare, he excluded proponents of  single payer health care. (Why that’s socialism, dammit!). Now, U.S. citizens  are forced to buy health care from private health insurance firms. The premiums  are high and the quality of coverage is low, because the insurance companies are  seeking to maximize profits to detriment of the patients. Also, these companies use adjudicators who are incentivized to deny the payment of health benefits. Death panels?! We got ’em, you betcha!

So, what do ordinary U.S. citizens really want? Or what have they been trained to want? Everything for nothing! And if ordinary U.S. citizens feel this way, you can rest assured that the wealthy elites feel even more strongly about it and are in a position to bring it about. That’s where “free trade” comes in:

– the  exportation of millions of high-paying manufacturing, technical and service jobs to the Third World (to destroy the middle class and increase poverty)

– the importation of millions of unskilled  workers, even creating communities of foreign workers working for foreign  companies

– to enforce this new economic  order, the police have been militarized and the military have been given police  powers.

Habeas corpus and posse comitatus? Forget about it! Ancient history.

And they shall succeed and are succeeding!

Free market capitalism? Hell no, that’s only for girlie men! We’ve got  FMF: Free Market Feudalism!